The year is 2317. Earth's 4th world war has caused even more nuclear devastation than the 3rd. Most of the planet's few remaining inhabitants are forced to flee and search for a planet that is capable of sustaining human life.

After years of searching the universe, a small group of settlers happens upon a large planet that seems to have breathable air and enough resources to support human civilization. Because of the planet's seemingly limitless size, they name their new planet Boundless.

Shortly after the settlers arrive and begin to survey the planet, they realize that finding this place was something of a mixed blessing. They are not alone. Many other groups, some from Earth, and some from other worlds, have already begun colonizing the planet. Competition for the planet's limited resources is fierce, and often leads to violent conflict.

The pressure of the new situation proves to be too much for the fledgling society, and their civilization quickly disintegrates into scattered factions. Some manage to form alliances with other groups and with the planets previous inhabitants, and those groups are much more likely to survive.



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