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  1. Click on the "Register" navigation button

  2. Enter a Valid Email address

  3. Create a Username containing 2 to 16 characters

  4. Create a Password containing 2 to 16 characters

  5. Re-enter the Password for verification

  6. Enter a Notification Email Address (This is optional, and can be the same as or different from your Valid Email Address and will only be used to alert you to critical in-game events while you are not logged in)

  7. Click "Send Request"

  8. If the chosen Username is not already taken, a verification message will be sent to your Valid Email Address

  9. Check your Valid Email Address Inbox - there should be a new email from "" titled "Account Setup"

  10. Click on the link, or copy/paste the link into your browser navigation bar

  11. This will open up a new page within the BoundlessPlanet site confirming your successful Registration

  12. Your new Username and Password are now registered with the BoundlessPlanet servers, and will grant you acess into the game once you have successfully downloaded and installed the game

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