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Game play in BoundlessPlanet revolves around natural resources. The size of your army, the redundancy of your defense, and the technological advancement of your empire is entirely dependent on how much Iron and Oil you are able to mine, store, and distribute.

In order to ease local use and distribution of these resources, any activity within a certain distance of a Command Center can automatically access the Command Center's ample storage of 10,000 units of Iron and/or Fuel (once Oil is mined using an Oil Refinery, the resulting liquid is Fuel).
This wide area of control is called the Command Center Control Area, and is represented by a wide green circle only visible when the Command Center is selected.

Within this area, the myriad necessary transfers of resources to and from Iron Mines, Oil Refineries, vehicles, resource storage, Power Plants, construction projects, etc., are all handled automatically. This functionality makes Command Centers critical to a functioning, independent base. The majority of the information on this page revolves around this simple concept, so we encourage you to start playing, and refer back to the following details if necessary.


You will start with two Builders, two Scouts, and a Command Center storing a limited amount of Iron and Fuel.

Builders, Command Centers, and Power Plants are the vertebrae of any base on BoundlessPlanet, so we will address them here and in the 'Vehicles' and 'Buildings and Structures' sections of the Help text.


Your Builder is one of your most important vehicles, as it is the only vehicle in the game capable of constructing buildings. When a Builder is selected, its construction options appear at the bottom of your screen.

Each construction option in the Builder's menu has a cost in either Iron, Fuel, Power Usage, or all three. Structures built within a Command Center Control Area are automatically supplied the necessary construction resources, and the Power required by most structures can only be supplied by a Power Plant.

In order to acquire more resources, Iron and Oil Refineries must be built on top of Iron Deposits and Oil Deposits. One of each deposit will be close to your first Command Center, and many more are located around the Planet.

Construction projects outside a Command Center Control Area require resources to be manually delivered using a Transport vehicle. This means that once you need more Iron and Fuel than your initial resource deposits can provide, you need to scout your territory for more resource deposits. Once you find one that doesn't already have a mine or refinery on top of it, you must then transfer 500 units of Iron from your Command Center into a Transport vehicle, and send the Transport and a Builder over to the faraway deposit. This is because building an Iron Mine or an Oil Refinery takes 500 units of Iron, and once you're trying to build something outside of your Command Center Control Area, you need to supply Iron to the construction project manually. This is one of the more difficult concepts in BoundlessPlanet, so if it seems confusing, try it, and if you're having trouble, ask another player within the game for help.

Command Centers

When a Command Center is selected, you will see a wide green circle surrounding a large amount of nearby land. This circle represents the Command Center Control Area.

Within this area, the myriad necessary transfers of resources to and from Iron and Oil mines, resource storage, Power Plants, construction projects, etc., are all handled automatically. This functionality makes Command Centers critical to a functioning, independent base.
A Command Center's supply of stored Iron and Fuel is automatically distributed to construction projects, factory production, and vehicles needing fuel.

Likewise, Iron Mines and Oil Refineries within the Control Area automatically transfer their mined resources into the Command Center's storage (Command Center storage is displayed at the upper left of your screen when your 3D view is close to your Command Center).

Outside this area, resources must be transferred to needy buildings and vehicles manually using a Transport vehicle, or other means.

Power Plants

Power Plants burn Fuel to produce Power, and this Power is required by most of the buildings in the game. The plants cannot draw Oil from the ground, however, so the resource must first be mined using an Oil Refinery.
Once the Oil is mined and refined (which happens at the same time), it is then Fuel and will be automatically delivered to the Power Plant assuming the plant is within a Command Center Control Area, or when a Power Plant is close to an Oil Refinery. If a Power Plant is neither within a Command Center Control Area or near an Oil Refinery, Fuel must be delivered manually using a Transport vehicle (usually by setting up a Supply Line - see Supply Lines in the Complex Commands help page).

Command Centers do not require Power, but most other buildings do, and if a Power Plant is built close to a Command Center, not only will it automatically draw Fuel from Command Center Storage, but the plant's Power output will be automatically distributed to other buildings within the same wide Control Area.

Power Plants built outside a Command Center Control Area will supply Power to buildings within a shorter distance (also displayed by a green circle surrounding the Power Plant itself).

Again, Power Plants require a steady supply of Fuel, so if you build one outside a Command Center Control Area, it must either be built adjacent to an Oil Refinery, or have Fuel regularly supplied by a Transport vehicle.

Help Info

For extensive information in-game, simply roll your mouse over a button or select an object in the 3D view, and related Help Info will appear on the left side of your screen.

For complete instructions, see the rest of the pages in the Help section of BoundlessPlanet.com.

If you have any suggestions, complaints, questions, or comments, please contribute to the Forum section of BoundlessPlanet.com.

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