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3D View Mouse Controls

Middle Mouse Button
(MMB) :: Rotate your view.
Mouse Wheel :: Zoom view in and out (or use Shift+RMB)
Left Mouse Button (LMB) :: Select an entity or action
Right Mouse Button (RMB) :: Action button, commands selected entity(s) to move to a destination, attack a target, or transfer resources to a target
Alt + RMB :: Designates movement waypoint. Select vehicle(s), then Alt+RMB click on multiple points on the groundplane to design a complex path. Useful for scouting and long distance movement.


The MiniMap is the most important informational and navigational tool within BoundlessPlanet, and it is located on the bottom right of your screen. 

It is a zoom-able, pan-able satellite view of the planet which displays land masses, bodies of water, resource deposits, unpassable terrain, real-time information on the whereabouts of your own vehicles and buildings, and the foreign events within their site-ranges.

Other players' vehicles and buildings will also be displayed in the MiniMap, but not until your own vehicles have discovered them, making scouting and patrolling critical to successful, defensive gameplay.  For instance, if a new player builds a base relatively close to yours, but you never send a mobile unit anywhere near there, you won't know their base exists.

Minimap Mouse Controls

Your 3D and MiniMap views are locationally tied, so navigation in one will influence the other.
The following controls apply when clicking within the MiniMap itself:

Left Mouse Button :: Center both 3D and MiniMap views on clicked location
Right Mouse Button :: Send already selected unit(s) to clicked location
'PageDn' and 'PageUp' :: Zoom MiniMap in and out


'Home' :: Bounce views to successive Command Centers
'End' :: Display Unit List window (views are then centered on units selected from this window)
'Insert' :: Changes Chat interface to Scroll mode, allowing arrow keys and PageUp/Dn keys to view chat history
'Space Bar' :: Center views on already selected unit(s)
'F5' :: Toggle camera-follow of moving units
'F8' :: Screen-capture (stores gameplay images as .PNG's in your C:/Program Files/BoundlessPlanet/ folder)

3D View Unit Formations
(Currently, units in formation still move at their individual speeds)

'Ctrl' + Drag RMB :: Save orientation and formation of selected group of units
Drag RMB :: Move selected formation to this point
'Ctrl' + '1' :: Save selected formation as hotkey '1' (Hit '1' to re-select the entire group later on.  Works with all number keys.  Not mandatory for formation movement or selection.)

Chat Commands
The chat interface, located at the top of the BoundlessPlanet screen, is accessible by hitting your keyboard's 'Enter' key and exited by hitting the 'Esc' key. By default, text entered here is sent to All (denoted by '(A)' listed next to your PlayerName when the message is sent). Following is a list of other commands executable from the chat interface including private messages and Faction administration commands (this definition list is also available in-game by typing '/help'):

/help :: Lists Chat Commands for chatting and Faction administration
/a :: Send chat message to all (received All messages display '(A)' next to PlayerName)
/n :: Send chat message to nearby players (received Nearby messages display '(N)' next to PlayerName)
/l :: Send chat message to Allies (received Ally messages display '(L)' next to PlayerName)
/f :: Send chat message to your Faction (received Faction messages display '(F)' next to PlayerName)
/t PlayerName :: Send closed channel message to PlayerName (received closed channel messages display '(T)' next to PlayerName)
/r :: Replies to the last closed channel message received (received closed channel reply messages also display '(T)' next to PlayerName)
/goto Location :: Moves 3D and MiniMap view to a location on the Planet, as read from the MiniMap. Example: /goto N3.1 W0.5
/help faction-Command :: Lists help text specific to that Faction command
/faction-create FactionName :: Creates new Faction with you as the leader
/faction-delete FactionName :: Deletes your Faction (only usable by Faction Leader)
/faction-invite PlayerName :: Invites PlayerName to your Faction (only usable by Faction Leader). This command does not have to be executed while PlayerName is online. Whenever PlayerName logs in, he may now use /faction-join even if Faction Leader is not online
/faction-join FactionName :: Accepts invitation to FactionName. In order to join a Faction, you must first be invited (by the Faction Leader executing the '/faction-invite PlayerName' command)
/faction-ban PlayerName :: Removes or uninvites PlayerName from a Faction (only usable by Faction Leader)
/faction-leave FactionName :: Leave your current Faction
/faction-defer PlayerName :: Give control of your Faction to PlayerName (only usable by Faction Leader) /faction-members :: List members of your Faction

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