Complex Commands
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Add to Supply Line

Supply Lines are user-defined paths that Transport, Hover Transport, and Freighters continuously follow to regularly transfer resources from one entity to another.
To create a new Supply Line path, select this option, then click Create New.
To create the actual path between entities (any combination of buildings and vehicles can have a supply line between them), left-click on the first entity, then click on the ground multiple times to design an efficient path between the two entities, then click on the second entity.
A dialogue box will appear in which you can enter the desired amount of resources to maintain at each location. You can also use percentages, just put a percent (%) sign at the end of the percentage value.

Change Alignment

Select this option to change political opinion of selected User to either Enemy, Neutral, or Ally.
If political opinions between two users are both set to Ally, then between those users, resources can be exchanged and Freighter passenger space can be shared.


Shuts down Power Plant.
Disabled Power Plants take damage, and buildings they used to power also take damage.
If your base runs out of fuel (see Fuel Usage entry), Power Plants will automatically be disabled. If fuel becomes available, they will automatically come back online.
If a structure such as a Research building is in the middle of researching a topic when its Power Plant goes down, that research topic will be reset.


Brings Power Plant back online.
Buildings relying on this Power Plant will automatically come back online as well.

Set Power Source

If selected building is unpowered, select this option and then select a Power Plant from which to draw Power.

Set Rally Point

Select this option, then left click on the desired Rally Point. All vehicles created by the selected building(s) will collect at this location.


Detonates all of your properties.
The next time you log in, you will start in a random location with only a Command Center, two Scouts, and two Builders.

Transfer Resources

To transfer resources from one entity (either a building or vehicle) to another, select either entity, and then right-click on the other. The Transfer Resources window will come up with sliders to determine each entities' new desired amount of each resource.
In this window, the + and - keys can also be used to make single digit adjustments to the amount being transferred.
To transfer resources to another player's entity, both players must have the other set as "Ally" in the Change Alignment window. Resources may only be given to another player, not taken. For instance, if you need fuel from another player, you must ask them to make the transfer.

Unload Units

Select this option to unload vehicles currently on board a Freighter.
Only works on shorelines.

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